Richmond, my little “gem”

IMG_6927.JPGPetersham Nurseries
the deer, the River and a restaurant in the Garden shop

Domenico di Bucchianico



Discovered casually, I dream to spend my lifetime here!
South west bound from central London, jumping on a train the platform Paddington station, otherwise if you prefer a classic tube ride it’s only thirty minutes away  on the District line by Earl’s Court station.
– the fare and the travel is definitely worth to discover Richmond-upon-Thames-
The little “dream village” (I can only describe this way this enchanting gem ) just outside central London, on the way that leads to Surrey fields and hills.
The River Thames crosses and split the cozy town centre with  the garden and the park cut in two sides…
have you ever discovered or heard about “Petersham”?

I’m here sharing my love and my feelings when I go and keep returning at my most favourite garden-flowerish and dramatic teahouse. It  is located by the southern part of the town, at the lower side of the biggest of the Royal Parks which is also one of the largest green spaces in the whole Europe.

The teahouse, Petersham  Nurseries

The first time I went there, I remember was to buy flowers and edible herbs to spice up my cocktails, suggested by a colleague back in the time.IMG_6827.JPG

The river led my walk from Twickenham to Teddington, but it’s when you stop halfway, at the little spot called Petersham, that I magically discover a little world. Funny and creative lovers of gardening have created this restaurant and garden teahouse inspired by their passion, and love for the land and everything that goes well with nature and flowers, plants, clay, pottery and you name it…

matching all with good tea, pies and good food! pairing garden atmosphere, picnic sensations and scrambled eggs, is the challenge I had to face!  The very original dining area and the sound of nature that you hear only here, makes you wonder another time to escape the city and the pollution of Oxford street, to start doing gardening here with them… It is a good sense of hospitality and a nice welcoming that brought me down here two years ago for the very first time…
Yes they have created a warm relaxing atmosphere of “think different” dining
The tea house right at the end offers a various expression of the British and European kitchen selection of dishes, from pies, to salads, from cakes to loads of others appealing desserts to pair with your cup tea. With frien


Petersham Nurseries gardens

ds or just by yourself, you definitely enjoy the warmth of an intimate country side ambience.

Petersham Nurseries also does many different activities as : providing master classes with food and drink pairings, wine tastings, winter mulled wine tastings along with gardening courses, “of Course”

I like also cycling to Richmond, as someone knows, that is my sport, and my great hobby… in the little spare time I take my road bike and get there by riding the riverside street, Chelsea, Fulham, Clapham, Putney, Sheen and Richmond Park! I also know many passionates that share my same hobby, that gather in big bunch of wheels and head there in spring and summertime!! It is definitely a great “escapade” away from the city centre, either you travel, you cycle or perhaps, you prefer the Underground!


The view from top of Richmond Hill

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