Visit at the Booking Office restaurant, and  “The Ladies’ smoking room”.


London, The St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel and its décor.



You can see a superlative example of a dramatic architecture and mesmerising pieces of art, just watching at the incredible décor of this building with her typical red bricks,  injured  by the weapons of the second World War. Back in that times, a bomb has exploded far away and pieces an shards have damaged the walls, as one of the doormen explains while showing us the holes in the walls. Still perfectly managed by the owners and the management of the hotel now owned by J.W. Marriott Group. I couldn’t spend enough words to describe how astonishing is

This  historic hotel, originally designed by famed architect George Gilbert Scott, first opened its doors as the Midland Grand in 1873 and welcomed folks from and towards  St. Pancras Station. this iconic, five-star luxury hotel has been reborn to combine today’s modern facilities and standards with the elegance of yesterday’s old fashioned luxury accommodations . (from S. Pancras renaissance website…). 



“the grand staircase”, that lead the way to the upper floors, where you can spend a lifetime shooting photos at every little detail… like the high ceilings, the arcades, the paintings on top of the walls and the coat of arms replicated at every corner.

The “Ladies Smoking Room” is the first of its kind in the Victorian era, when smoking was absolutely forbidden for ladies, the hotel featured an entire venue for her most elegant and luxurious female guests, discussing about gossip and lifestyle. The room now is hosting private functions and elegant meetings, it is located at the east side of the hotel.


the Ladie’s smoking room

“Booking Office” is the antique name of this side of the building,  now a restaurant but a former actual Booking office

IMG_8564 and it still maintains proudly his name. Centuries of history around us .“Booking Office” is the antique name of this site, now a restaurant. But a former actual Booking office as it still maintains proudly his name.I want to spend more words about the elegant menu offered by our server,  Mr. Ralph, which has been professional and really made our stay Wonderfull describing every single dish as a
piece of art, and every moment just magically accompanied by his artistic savoir fare as a truly Londoner gentleman. Our sequence of starters arrived quickly,


we had a tuna carpaccio, fresh as cold winter out there! and spinach-goat cheese croquettes, deep green exactly as the green fields where little goats enjoy themselves far away in the beautiful countryside! along with truffle potatoes … everything was so warm and tasty! Goat cheese is my most favourite one, and I could still taste an unforgettable smell stuck in my memories of local farmers next to my village in Italy where, as good as they do here in Britain, you can’t just describe how good they are! Even the truffle potatoes, might be conoidered a common food, you can easily find them in a pub! but they were just delicious and really well cooked, crunchy and crispy at the right point!

Also the main events  haven’t been disappointing at all! Every slice of my dry aged 28 days sirloin and a  portion of salmon were nuts!!! Tender as butter, and delicious as a pice of glory in your mouth !

The dessert was inspired one more time to The Ladies’ smoking room! An unexpected presentation of a chocolate soft cake, with chocolate ball, and a scoop of ice cream on side, all served under a cloche smoked up by aromatic wood, simply brings your mind back to an imaginary time where young and old dames were lighting up their cigarettes and producing big smoke all day!



Located by the building of the Renaissance London S. Pancras. Hotel , place of trains and long travels , when the in 1700s folks from Europe were easily connected by modern transport.





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