“Dedycated” to sustainable hospitality

Marcella , London 30/01/18

I feel fascinated about developing a sustainable lifestyle and I recently have been observing at the new trends of the hospitality industry.

Firstly, I have noticed how the influencers, also known as  “social media feeds” encourage us to visit this hotel and try that beauty product. Nowaday, I believe that  brands are set to be a suistanable strategy for other brands and influencer marketing aims to ban fatigue and digital adverts are no longer as attractives as they were.

Because of this, marketers are turning to alternative strategies, avoiding the advertisement making the consumers more and more receptives.

For this reason many brands have invested, attracted by the opportunity to amplyfy their content and  and organically build new relationship.

“Organically” because organic is everywhere. 

In my experience with the Accor Group I came across project Planet21,  and recently the pleasure to be hosted by my current employer, Marriott, I caught a few products which took my attention for their content. 🙂 Shampoo, conditioner, body products where amazingly Eco-bio. this brand is called “Ren” clean skin care.

WhatsApp Image 2018-01-30 at 10.15.15

this is one of the eco bio bath foam by “REN”

Secondly, I could say that Hospitality needs to respond to the needs of the trend: in 2018 trend is healthiness and organic, yes! organic everywhere!! in fact, let me give you another example: Wayne’s Coffee!

-as the brand declares on their philosophy –

<<When you visit Wayne’s, you actually take a stance. You chose a fika that is tastier, healthier and better for our planet. Our commitment to sustainability made us the first KRAV-labelled coffee shop in Sweden.>>

High street kensington branch offered us organic a wonderful tasty coffee from Sweden,


<<Do you know when a FIKA tastes best? When saving the rain forest, contributing to better animal husbandry and reduces the use of pesticides.>>

the shop is made by wood and many olive plants cover the floor. You can also drink  detox water for free and sip mango or other fruity crunches.

IMG_8415What is an intagrammer,  if not an “advertisement of an already existing advertisement”?

Did you know that some Street food shops  are also turning to this trend: in fact, vegan fast food style inspired “Vburger Camden”, serves delicious  hamburgers and sandwiches  and organic drinks. For us it’s becoming a must among  the “all must” when we head to the north side of the river. Located At the street markets of iconic Camden Town, this shop is managed by a very kind guy from Italy.


skinny sweet potato fries

 To resume, healthiness and sustainable are  on our daily basis, all around us in the hospitality business. This is an advantage for the marketing strategies. Dedycated strongly believe that organic is interesting in terms of oppotunity to  approach to the world of authenticity where the real luxury and where the hospitality made by the people lives.


Feisty falafel
£7 00
smashed chickpea and roasted sweet potato burger seasoned with organic turmeric and cumin, lettuce, tomato and red onion, and drizzled with spiced harissa mayonnaise and tahini.

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