Sunday lunch, at the kid’s table!


read in Italian language 


To be grown eating in the little side table, where adults are not authorised !!

Who knows if in the other regions of Italy, is there the custom to separate kids and adults to two different tables? Who knows what kind of traditions and things they invent in the other countries or nations?

It doesn’t quite often happens to us boys and girls emigrating abroad and now distant from our hometown  to gather again all together with our parents and family relatives at the traditional sunday lunch

We know Italy and Italian families consider  this moment as a lifestyle  must.

I can remember that lunch time, meant interrupting all the games, and the fun of playing all together in group on the only day with no school, so try to imagine how bored and unhappy we were hearing mum calling shouting us to be present inside at the convivial table.

Trying to pretend to eat the more in possible hurry, for then returning to run again in the streets or in the courtyards! I consider myself one of the last fortunate grown in a little town.

Cars in the street where I lived, they transited very slowly and with an hour or two between each other.

At the children’s table we rigorously ate spaghetti with the spoon, minced our mothers to make them more accessible… and the salad, little by little  accepted only if was with no dressing and nothing like vinegar or onions were accepted, we wouldn’t eat anything too sour or bitter ! 

At the children’s table we rigorously drink “Pepsi-cola” , orange sparkling drink and every coloured thing was on the market, as long as it has sugar and bubbles 

“Pepsi cola” used to make its labels full of the football players’ photos,

My favourites were those with Roberto Carlos and David Beckham. Nobody wanted any water!

Very tiny slices of meat, sometimes fish… but very hardly !

Salads without salt and without oil, some lucky Sundays there were hamburgers and french fries!!  Desserts or Sweets of every type, fresh with creamy sauces or dry like biscuits!



But the most beautiful emotion was to always taste for first the arrosticini!!  just removed by the fired coal with the graces and permission  of the good grandad!

Back To my times kids were not distracted by  any kind of electronic devices, no iPads or smart phones, you had to pull us out the streets and shout us to come quickly to eat!

When we discussed for we had an argument,  nothing was related to any kind of political or religious matters 

Some fight or disease happened only if my cousin had received the most beautiful gift from Dad or from  Christmas carol  compared to mine, but we were smart and enough polite to shake our hands and celebrate peace with other glass of pepsi cola!

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