You can’t miss the décor at the Covent Garden boutique Hotel!


The “Covent Garden Hotel” is a pretty “boutique” hotel located in the heart of the district of Shaftesbury, more precisely, Seven Dials



Between Holborn, Leicester Square and Charing Cross, and is just a short walk to the Royal Opera House, Soho and just about twenty minutes by walk for the “city”, the hearth of the economic business centre.

Brasserie Max” is always a lovely place to stop at and My favourite spot is at the bar, where I often have the pleasure to meet my former colleague of good old times, Simone. He is the Head Bartender, mixing up delicious drinks, a range of perfectly mixed cocktails and carefully selected wines and spirits. You can choose to accompany drinks with a selection of tapas, platters and larger dishes from the bar menu. However it was not my dinner time so I decided to drink some of the bartender creations, and he made me proud of my choice, with his signature twists on classic Gimlets, Negroni with sherry cask twist and finally a non alcoholic cocktail with Seedlip (the first non alcoholic distilled drink).

What is really unique here at the Covent Garden hotel, by Firmdale is that every room is entirely designed based on Kit Kemp style, which is the artist behind:

getting to know KIT KEMP better: 


The successful British lady from Southampton is co-owner and Design Director for Firmdale Hotels, is passionate about creating exciting and unique interiors, especially for the hotels that brings their name up to success. an highly respected author, textiles designer and a artist who has collaborated with design and lifestyle brands to create unique product collections, including the likes of Christopher Farr, Wedgwood and Chelsea Textiles. (info from company website). she is book author, and her latest work is called as per her motto “every room tells a story.


pretty supercool rooms


Kit Kemp book author

Definitely recommended for a pre-theatre dinner and drinks, friendly staff makes your night fun and romantic at the same time, a young and passionate staff, alongside by incredible works of art and decor fantastically invented by the designer, brings you back in a fairytale dream. Let yourself be surrounded by art and hospitality, bring dream and reality together at the restaurant you choose for your unique moments.


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