A quick photo survey through the Yucatan peninsula.

leggi in italiano

I will tell you my first experience with an extremely hot habanero Chile, I was in this restaurant in Chichen Itza, there was a buffet with every food of every colour !!

I tried that salad that was very appealing to my eyes, it looked vegan enough to me! and it tasted exactly as healthy as coloured, but it was also an extremely dangerous bomb in my mouth, that an entire squadron of fire fighters would not be able to rescue me! 

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-26 at 01.07.46

my advise to folks who travel and seek for adventure, is definitely that we all need to study where, what and when doing “or not doing” things…

…For many people, Traveling to Caribe is commonly seen as  “organised tour” towards resorts, blue sea, sandy beaches, warm sunsets, cold drinks and often, spicy food!! I wondered on how could I HAVE MADE IT DIFFERENT, AND TRYING SOMETHING ON MY OWN FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME, I have chosen to create my own tour through the Yucatan peninsula.


aguas azules



When  Landed in Cancun my first though was, of course, having a meal! This cosy place   called “La Parrilla” was such a coloured  and folkloristic one, the guy who is delivering the margarita doesn’t use any tray here, it is simply carried on his head: the margarita comes straight to your table and it’s at your own risk to catch it properly. makes me feel I’m in the right place, for a fun, engaging and tasty spot, what I was expecting from my self made experience.

Frozen Margaritas here at “La Parilla” are made with  the freshest of fruits, the one in cancun la parrillaphoto above is made with  fresh mango, but my favourite piece of this experience was the mix of spices on the cocktail glass rim! that is my most salty-vivid remembering. magic spice which they said they are available at the market. Mercado 28 a folckloristic market just across the city of Cancun.





I find Chichen Itza by night as one of the most iconic adventures of my life so far. That enormous wilderness was just the first taste that Mexico was giving to me, I was just looking for  wilderness.

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Merida, oh Merida you were so warm and your people so friendly, I think I made more friends in Merida in 24 hours than I  did in London in five years. People were just approaching me in the middle of the streets offering help and suggestion and sharing their stories.

pancho's merida

Merida, Bar “Pancho’s”

Merida is so hot there were almost 45 C  degrees, April is definitely warmer there, compared to our usual 20 C! I had to find  refreshment, often during the day.






LOS DOS TOROS YUCATECOS with an amazing “Agua de chaya” made with a kind of cactus plant infusion, no alcoholic, as they call them here, “aguas frescas” and of course my favourite ceviche de camarones.

And then Pancho’s a hidden bar with garden and coaches inside, Frida Kahlo’s pictures and mixtures of colours and musics.

If I should suggest you somewhere to eat I could say it doesn’t exist, because the best way to enjoy in Mexico is to let the adventure guide you an just let the people cook what they have, have breakfast at the border with Guatemala in the middle of a farm between the ducks and enjoy. 

I just want you to imagine how did it look like and how I did enjoyed it, simply by “reading” my pictures. 







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