The Sound of Flamenco and the Spirit of Sherry !



There is a melody of guitars that gets louder far away that corner in the street, a little cut on the right and you will see the cathedral, the sound of streets guitar players leads you around another turn and after that narrow passage you spot the castle and then, the harbour and finally, sea.

There is a flamenco dancer that shapes and fixes her hair style before going to scene, among the crowd that intrepid attends tonight show at the restaurant next to the cathedral, willing to listen even more to music and a unique show of art.

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That woman is accompanied by her sister, with identical look and family passion for the iconic dance and a deep gaze of intriguing sensuality… they are initiating a ritual, you can tell! with a certain precision she tides up the lace of hre shoe, with which it will dance recalling once more the traditional and folkloristic dance typical of Andalusia region!

For those who had never assisted to an exhibition of flamenco, everything I just mentioned might sound an obvious ritual that can be impromptu from whoever! I believe not, I shall admit that I read in the eyes of these artists, a mystical relationship with the music and with the public that will clap their hand, I must say the a show like this can be only compared to “la corrida” giving the idea of same-folk-involved show, but here …thank god no one will suffer! here we will only admire human touch of belonging to this loved style of sensuality.

two hours of dramatic melody and impressive chanting will follow, astonishing loud knock knack dancing feast and pure pleasure for eyes and ears.

There is a chap on his sixties,  (being optimist and generous) that slowly heads on stage from another side of the room, it is the singer of the group in scene this evening; it gently regulates the microphone with precision… it seems has been doing this gesture for about the same years stated on his document of identity.DSC_0523 The exhibition of Flamenco in the restaurant “El jardin” at the side of the cathedral, is the perfect show for a break away from the routine when the Friday or Saturday arrives, where to a fixed menu of 30 € per person, paella, salmon, gambas, Sangria and typical sweets are offered to the public.

The great show however is everything of the  flamenco folks, they dance with the public, and straight after the first set of songs they do something remarkable, they pick among the closest  table surrounded by a  companion of grey-haired people, an elderly man that gets up and unites to them! when they incite this gentleman to take sets with them in the orchestra, he presents himself as a retired man, living in America but here in Malaga for few days in visit to his family and relatives, malaga is his hometown, what a place to be born! This gentleman takes the scene and  exactly starts singing a passage as a professional! its eyes are filled with pure patriotic pride!

he earns himself a truly mesmerising standing ovation!

Here I am again, convincing myself that this is the most beautiful sense of hospitality that a restaurant can express, managing well to engage his show with his guests, enchanting everyone with dance and good food, playing his best traditional music, with the best artist in town, loud and straight to people’s heart!

The shops are full of Iberian hams, the famous “Jamon iberico” , local red wines of the surrounding region, barrels of sherry, that famous fortified sweet wine of late harvesting produced in this region,  grapes palomino, muscatel and Pedro Ximenes and some sweet wines barrels, placed everywhere in the restaurants are also authographed  from the famous actors such as Antonio Banderas!!

It is the time to make a visit to the “Bodega El Pimpi”

that combines great in bloom inside spaces, green plants and flowering vases hanging from the ceilings, and inside walls furnished with big strokes of wine set to mature, everything united to magnificent manifestos that publicize shows of “corrida” the bullfight famous belonging of the past century.

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The Mediterranean Sea means love, it is perfume of garden, it is music.

The Mediterranean teaches the genuine hospitality at the perfumed notes of wisteria and hawthorn.

The Mediterranean Sea has the rhythm of the flamenco and the tone of sherry!



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