photo by @stefano Scarsella

“Successfully Born in Italy,First noticed by the sunlight -long time ago-   February, 25th 1989”



I grew up with very soon smelling in the air that I was destinated to an early career, however before that… I soon realised how good was the aroma I felt in my kitchen, maybe at the age of six and I wanted to make it my job.

Memories slide back to my very Italian Sundays morning, raised by  my mamma and my grandma cooking the most delicious food on earth, whole family gathering together around a table with every grace on it.

(now keep asking yourself <<why Italians are so good in cooking and hosting>> suppose this may be the answer.)

I spent my nights smiling at my dreams, wishing myself to be protagonist of somewhere’s kitchen and being able to create, compose and design wonderful dishes! To become an important part of the hospitality industry was soon my only aim.

Mummy’s  wisdom for me to be a chef, was right away appointed to me when she led me to the high school, the famous “istituto alberghiero f. De Cecco” where the subject is “how to become a great chef, a great maitre d’hotel, or a wonderful barman, perhaps concierge in luxury hotels”.

Studying with some of the greatest teachers and mentor as Mr. Vincenzo Gambino, Mr. Roberto Casaccia, and more… I builded myself every day in that school where me and the lads had the best times! I  can remember very well how many afternoons spent cooking king prawns flambé, crepes suzette, flaming very old style preparations that you serve right in front of the guest in luxury hotels… those were the days at school when I first shaked my margaritas and served my first Negroni cocktails, and believe me, my teachers were so glad tasting each them, appointing me as a junior little badass! yes! I was rockin’ !!

Only at the age of seventeen I settled myself out of the kitchen walls, understood that creating something good is pretty much like “acting in front of a guest and performing as in front of an audience”, that’s why I add always a bit of glamour to my stile, that little funny theatrical side of myself,  when I try my beast to make people feel better at the bar, my stage.

After learning the high standards of the hospitality, My beginning at the bar was at the Ade of 17, when my great friend and very first, maybe the only one FOR EVER, Mariano Agostinone, took me on his wings to shake cocktails at one of the best disco nightclubs in Pescara. He literally taught me how to be in front of the guest, being professional, creative, and quick making drinks at a very high standard, destinated to a magnificent clientele.

My first experience was at the Savoia Palace in Madonna di Campiglio second fantastic experience was at the Grand hotel Gardone Riviera, where I first worn a white jacket, and I felt in love with stars and hotel, learning English and learning about English guests for the first time. silver cutlery, crystal bottles and glassware, expensive cognacs and superlative Martini cocktails was my everyday.

I had my second great job opportunity, from 2009 to 2014 at the “Riss” cocktail bar, Porto San Paolo in the Sardinia island, where I learnt the skills of the bartending, mixing and fruit carving techniques and I observed with a great eye the ability of them in business,  the great maestro that I will forever carry with me in my memories and of which I will be always thankful Mr. Luciano Danese.


watch the Promo video of “Riss cocktail bar” with my interview

In winter 2012 I moved to London, with sporadic experiences among the hotels and the bars of the city, with not very much luck at the beginning, I left London, but then I came back in 2015 when I met the head bartender of Cahoots, now Bar manager, Michele Venturini, who gave him the opportunity of the new Cahoots project, just born in February, the secret cocktail bar in Soho, a fantastic atmosphere that I breathe since the first days has definitely helped me a lot and has given me the chance to be there for nearly three years, becoming head bartender, and part of a fantastic talented group of professionals.

Cahoots was the placed where I re-invented my way of thinking bar and bartending, in that little hidden place, I understood a very creative side of myself, which I could not imagine could be this amazing, I spent day and nights, creating, inventing, researching the best idea ever to make my job successful… I can remember sleepless nights preparing ingredients, infusions, syrups, shrubs, purées, tinctures, whatever could make drinks fancy! I remember early mornings at the fruit markets, where I paid my fruit supplier to take me with him in the van to the night markets,  to see where my delivery were from, in those cold mornings in the dark and snow of north London.

Sleepless nights spent to help my management to run a successful London Cocktail week, or any pop-up bar where we’ve been protagonist.

With Cahoots, myself and Michele had  the opportunity to meet thousands of guests and to get known by the most important journals, bar influencers and the entire world of the cocktails scene. Michele is still running Cahoots successfully, and I will always proud and greatful to him.

I left Cahoots in tears, in august 2017 taking an opportunity to work as a opening bar manager at the new restaurant ” Ella Canta” by Martha Ortiz, at the Intercontinental London Park Lane hotel. I Inherited the position from my friend Simone Spagnoli, which let me in right before the opening. He has shown me very quickly, the skills to learn bar management, creating a wonderful team and the Intercontinental Group hotel great service standards,

In September 2017, I first met Chef MARTHA ORTIZ

Martha is an intensely passionate chef – a woman for whom the natural harvest and iconic culture of her native Mexico are unending inspiration.

When she plans her menus, the folklore and future of Mexico dance together in her mind. When she cooks, she is sensuality. When she plates, an artist spirit moves her hands. And when she writes or talks about Mexico’s gastronomy, her voice is brightly proud. Her Mexico City restaurant, Dulce Patria, is celebrated. In everything she originates, her love of fantasy twists tradition into new forms.


Ella Canta restaurant


For her, I look after the bar, with a menu inspired by Pre columbian traditions, native ingredients from Mexico brought all the way to London to ensure the city that there is much more than tacos and burritos! would you try the Guacamole nationalist with a golden real grasshopper on it?


photo credit @jeancazals

We serve a huge range of Mezcal, Tequila, stool, bacanora, raicilla, other Mexican liqueurs, Aguas frescas (non alcoholic traditional Mexican drink, very low in sugars), spicy cocktails and coffee based ones, Mexican wines fro everywhere around the Americas, mezcal tastings every time you you want!!

I want to mention The PAINTED BLACK themed menu of last November… something of this incredible traditional place, that Ella Canta has brought up from the streets of Mexico City to London. We have filmed a marketing video in the busiest streets, celebrating the Mexican tradition of honouring deaths, in a loud parade made by drums, trumpets, guitars, skulls and flags, it celebrates another life, some mystic connection between this and another world, we have done something great, painting our faces, decorating the walls of the venue with coloured decorated skulls, typical Mexican, fantastic dress and flowers in the style of Frida Kahlo, and Mexican folks.

watch the video of this event

More adventures are waiting, now… I’m blogging my everyday stories from my laptop in a street bar around Kensington, hoping to have always this strong passion with me, companion of a beautiful career  that I want to turn it into something more fun and digital.

DedYcateD is my new adventure, along with my position as a bar manager, I want to share with the world of travel bloggers, and bar enthusiasts, my everyday, my creativity, and get your feedback, your collaboration, to share knowledge and passion. 

I believe this is the most beautiful way of communication between me and the world, so I will do all I can to make it Happen.



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