Love helping people

Hello world, it’s DedYcateD here!

We’re so glad to e-meet you!!

did you know we’re happy to know your story, your knowledge and background?

Our knowledge is at your disposal, whatever you should need to be protagonist in the London job universe ! either providing info on how-to create a winning cv resume, following the professional themes, or writing a cover letter, or maybe how to be prepared to attend a job interview!

We like meeting people, and we have helped in a very friendly and informal style, lots of friends and colleagues to find their career in London, the city we are based.

This is not a no-profit service, we provide knowledge and we can help anyone needs a talk or more info about what and how to do to find an accommodation, a job, completing the first steps in terms of documentation and U.K. eligibility of work. we do this for passion, and pure co-working among hospitality lovers.

If you are new on this site, and are looking for a friendly person to meet that helps you with your first footsteps in London, do not hesitate, stay tuned, drop an e-mail, this service is for you!


just drop us an e-mail and we will be happy to catch-up!




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