Marcella Murtas

Born In Sardinia, 1985. Last time that Oristano  met the snowfall.

Christmas Eve,I popped out. WhatsApp Image 2018-01-17 at 01.50.45

I decide, according to my mum and dad, to start my journey on this planet.

My passion for observing the planet and making pictures of it, starts in the high school with psycho-pedagogic studies.

I still remember I was so passionate about how a human being develops his brain and thoughts. However  I ended up the high school with good notes and I throw myself in the law career. 

In 2004 I first met some Sardinian jurists as teachers and for almost two years Via Sant’Ignazio in Cagliari was my second house. 

My passion for the world out of my island came out at the beginning of 2008 when I joined the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures. 

I still remember there was a choice of three empty points to be refilled 




And I filled-up:

. English 

. Spanish 

. Catalan


With the thought and the inspiration in my head that Spanish language was going to be a passion to develop I was just going to take it easy. 

Since always knowing other languages and cultures would have been the key to fly away from that limit that Hughs my island.

3 and a half years of university lifestyle 360° brought myself in Madrid at the school Enforex   where I could laugh discovering that monton in Spanish doesn’t mean the same as in French where monton is a big cow from the mountains and I discover that for a no-romantic speaker is more difficult to guess the meaning of a Spanish word.

Anyway, that in Madrid was my first contact with the Spanish world until the next step: Accor.

Accor was like the opening curtain at the beginning of the show in the theatre and for me the theatre was hospitality.

In 2011 I met Mariana Darù from Ies Consulting 

An invitation to join the reception team at Novotel Sant Juan Despì  was a great challenge and I accepted it full of initiative and a desire of a full immersion in the hispanic world.  

At the end of the day when firs I came across a recipetion desk I was a university lady with no idea about the hospitality movie.

My great tutor  Julie Labrouillere, who joined last year the Accor head office in Madrid, was going to give me so much inspiration about how to become an Accor baby and a Spanish girl 100%. 

My Journey in BCN brought me to achieve so many good results in my Spanish culture that I felt at home spending my mornings at the Biblioteca de Catalunya between old books doing research about two people, el picaro and el gracioso.

El picaro and El gracioso and their journey became my philosophy of life. Two characters very close to the modern butler, from the Spanish literature of the ‘600 who were living their lives enjoying and telling their adventures while traveling and making experiences. I felt so in love with them that I create my thesis in Spanish literatures in 2013 with the support of Mrs. Maria Garcia Sanchez. 


While studying and making myself more and more stronger with the knowledge of the Spanish culture I never stopped visiting several European Places, and I can’t wait to tell you about my journeys in my next articles.

BCN, the theatre for 3 years.

My last year in Barcelona was going to be Cavamar now called Pacifico.

I came across Cavamar one day at the beginning of Semana Santa, and I joined the team as hostess. Tu vas a ser la Reina de la terraza they used to say, with means “you are going to be the queen of the floor”

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