The roots of the Sardinian costume, in the ancient Spanish 1800 era.


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The Sardinian typical costumes, particularly the female one, with his lighting colours decorates and  accompany the parties and the celebrations of our island.

where can you see all the typical Sardinian dresses and costumes?

The charming  “Sa Sartiglia” carnival festivity of Oristano (west coastal Sardinia) or the solemn parade of “Sant’ Efisio” the major Festivity in the biggest city of the island, Cagliari, passing  by the “Cavalcata sarda” in the Sassari “Via Roma”, up to the small local religious processions that bloom all around the  towns around the island.
Between history and modern times, the centenary tradition:

Many of us Sardinian girls have at least once represented our hometown flag at one of DSC_0003these folkloristic events, personifying with proud and joyful sense of identity, our own place of birth. this is something that we will cary on forever, a tradition which has been passed by the centuries among our grandmothers and we will certainly let our children learn it the same way!

These suits in the following photos, shaped artistically and coloured by handcrafted prestigious textiles,  are mostly inspired to the Spanish traditions!

how can we demonstrate to you, this similarities with our Spanish roots ?

I will immediately explain you, the best way I like, through photography and notes collected at the museum recently visited in Malaga, Spain.

a couple of centuries ago, those scoundrels from the Catalan and Andalusia areas, invaded and brought with them, their manufacturers, their work of art, showing our local grandparents, a genius in producing and wearing incredibly good looking dresses, demonstrating also a unique taste in matching shapes and materials, along with colour. This produced a great sense of affiliation thanks to the great inspiration for the definition of custom as element of popular sentimentalism.

I am really sure that  the suits of Spanish women have inspired the wardrobes of the “massaieddas”, the young ladies in charge of working the fabrics creating a new style in the island following what the Spanish had taught to them.
The black capes that the women wore mainly for decorating their head during the religious functions, donated  the actual and still alive Sardinian style of top part of the dress.

The brides of the island used the black apron: it means to defend themselves from the disease, from the bad eye of jealousy and what is so called “malocchio” a superstitious gesture. And still… the costumes of the city of Malaga brings some more ideas to my mind, when I look at the masculine side, I notice that their  “barretinas”, masculine headgears of Phoenician matrix, resemble so much to the Sardinian headgears of the men dresses: our “berrittas.”

Are you curious to check all the similarities between the Spanish suits and the Sardinians?

enjoy our slideshows!

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